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Federico Albanese

Critically acclaimed Berlin-based composer Federico Albanese partnered with us to reimagine a new website in time for the announcement of his awaited upcoming album.

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Alev Lenz

Two-headed girl, singer, songwriter, and composer Alev Lenz reached us to create a conceptual website to promote her third studio album.

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Daniel Brandt

London and Berlin based composer, producer and filmmaker Daniel Brand, needed a minimally designed space where we could keep record of all his artistic efforts and collaborations.

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Jessica Einaudi

Singer-songwriter and visual artist Jessica Einaudi teamed-up with us to create a new digital home that would host both her music and her art.

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Pascal Schumacher

Pascal Schumacher—the brilliant Luxembourgish jazz musician, composer and percussionist—needed a new website in time to introduce his ambitious new upcoming projects.

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João Guerreiro - Designer & Developer
Carla Santos - Designer & Strategist